Want to own the best looking house on the block?

Exterior painting is a fantastic way to improve the look of your home, and it doesn’t have to be a complicated, expensive process. However, when done correctly, it can have quite an impact on your home’s exterior look and value. Couto’s painters are your go-to exterior home painting company in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The exterior paint jobs we offer are second to none. Our professional house painters use only the highest quality exterior paint for homes or offices. Whether you need a full house repaint or a section redone, we have your paint project covered! If you want a company that is going to have your exterior looking like new in no time.

Couto’s painters, locally-owned, can get your home or business looking like a million bucks

Couto’s painters is locally owned and operated in the Massachusetts and New Hampshire area. As local painters, we understand the wear and tear that can be caused by the extremely hot, humid summers and cold, snowy winters. We use high-quality premium paints to withstand the extremes of exterior temperatures and conditions.

Our exterior painting process is the perfect solution for your home’s exterior. Our painting projects give you a beautiful, freshly painted exterior that lasts for years.

We’ll come out and meet with you to discuss your exterior painting needs. We’ll also give you an estimate.

When it comes time to start the job, we’ll go over the details, discuss the project, and agree on a schedule. We will also discuss your project’s scope and any other details that you wish to include.

We’ll then tackle the job one section at a time. We will start by cleaning and preparing your siding. We will remove any loose paint or loose trim during this step, and we will apply a primer.

Next, we’ll apply a base coat using high-quality exterior paint that will give your home a beautiful, long-lasting look.

Finally, we will apply a topcoat. This will give your siding the perfect, durable finish that it needs.